Fly Tipping 2012-2013 in the UK Infographic

Our team at Clear It Now have been extremely busy the last couple of weeks and we had to put our website content on the back burner! Well our IT/Design guy finally got time to make some more content for our site. We asked him to design a simple infographic that illustrates the fly tipping that occurred last year in the UK.

First Look – 67% illegally dumped household contents

When I first looked at the infographic the first thing that caught my eye was the 67% of all dumped items in the UK originate from people’s homes… this didn’t surprise me and I imagine this waste is actually being dumped by a lot of house clearance companies to avoid tipping fees.

Which I will add if a house clearance company were to illegally dump rubbish, waste and other household contents every day they would be saving 10,000’s of each year! Obviously we don’t have the stats how many house clearance companies but I personally I believe that out of the 67% the majority of those will be house clearance companies.

Local councils doing a great Job… well kind off…

Taking a look at the spreadsheets that we obtained from it first looks like the local councils are doing a great job at reducing fly tipping in the UK. After all fly tipping was reduced a fair bit between 2011 and 2012.

However, you also most take into the account if the prosecutions and fines have increased which would mean they definitely had a good year. Sadly this isn’t the case, fly tipping has reduced but the Prosecutions have reduced even more, so what that means is that more people are getting away with this unforgivable crime.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if many go unreported or accidently lost before it hits an excel sheet. What I will praise the UK government is making reporting fly tipping easier than ever before! And I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Prosecutions occurred due to the public giving vital information.

Anyhow… Here is our simple Infographic

Fly Tipping Infographic

Be very careful who you use

If you happen to stumble across our site because you want to know more about fly tipping or perhaps you’re looking for a house clearance company yourselves then please do check our article about avoiding bad clearance companies in the UK.

Our data is from GOV.UK

All the data presented in the infographic on this page has been compiled from the UK’s website. If you would like to review the data then please head over to the UK statistical data set of ENV24 – Fly tipping incidents and actions taken in England.

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If you would like to know more about Clear It Now or if you have any questions regarding our services or this infographic then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team in Bournemouth. Thanks for reading and We wish you all a superb Christmas.

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