Win and choose from 1 of 18 novelty alarm clocks

18 Alarm Clocks

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Fly Tipping 2012-2013 in the UK Infographic

Our team at Clear It Now have been extremely busy the last couple of weeks and we had to put our website content on the back burner! Well our IT/Design guy finally got time to make some more content for our site. We asked him to design a simple infographic that illustrates the fly tipping that occurred last year in the UK.

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How to avoid bad house clearance companies

House Clearance companies on Watchdog

This week BBC’s Watchdog program featured a bad house clearance company, this particular company was caught fly-tipping by Watchdog’s Rogue Traders team. And if you didn’t already know it is illegal to dump any household or commercial waste in the United Kingdom, in fact it’s even illegal to litter of any sort.

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