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The Clear It Now website uses cookies to enhance user experience, expand reach and troubleshoot potential problems.We currently only use 3rd party cookies and these are issued by Google, this however may increase at a later time, please ensure you check back regularly on this cookie page as the website will have no notices on this change other than this page.

Difference Between a 3rd Party and 1st Party Cookie?

1st party cookies are those that are stored by the website you are visiting and a 3rd party may be another company that you use a service from, for example in this case we use Google Analytics to improve the user experience on clearance pages because the cookies are issued by Google this is deemed a 3rd party.

Used By Name
Google Analytics _ga
Clear It Now icc_cookie_message
Clear It Now cookie_compliance
Clear It Now complianceCookie

_ga Cookie

This is used by Google Analytics to improve the user experience we provide on our website, we also use it to further our reach and hopefully gain more traffic and new customers to the site. Please note: Google Analytics has its own ‘Analytics Privacy Policy‘ that is not within our control and could change at any time. Additionally you can read more about this cookie here.

icc_cookie_message, cookie_compliance and complianceCookie Cookies

Clear It Now uses an implied consent on its usage of cookies, what this means is that our company is in line with EU Cookie law in the usage and notification of using cookies that are stored on your computer.

This notification will appear on your computer or mobile device and then will not be displayed for a further 14 days once you have seen the notification. This itself uses a cookie and this uses: icc_cookie_message, cookie_compliance and complianceCookie.

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