WEEE Electrical Appliances Clearance and Disposal in Bournemouth

Clear It Now has vast experience when it comes to helping out small businesses, local authorities and schools in Bournemouth and surrounding areas in Dorset. Our team provides professional and eco-friendly WEEE Clearance and Disposal services.

  • WEEE Disposal
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We can help you with a responsible and legal disposal service for all your IT computers, electrical items and white goods.

Why you should use our disposal service

Our team is one of the most experienced disposal teams in Bournemouth, we have been provided hundreds of office clearances in Bournemouth which involves plenty of safe disposals of all types of electrical items, from computers to even confidential waste – we dispose of all rubbish and waste. Whether or not you have one electrical item or hundreds we provide services catered to your requirements. We are fully registered with the environment agency which allows us to legally carry all types of domestic household rubbish and office equipment. We also operate with a full public liability insurance protecting up to 1 million pounds. We can ensure you that we will take your items very seriously and we will ensure that they will either be recycled or disposed of in the very best of manner.

We will try to reuse or recycle your items

Whenever possible we will always attempt to reuse items, things like computers are perfect for recycling as they can often go to good causes such as local schools operating in the Bournemouth or Dorset, or parts can be used to repair other computers. Things like televisions, hair straighteners and radios can often be sold to 2nd hand stores or given to them if the item is considered low value. If any goods hold a lot of value then we can offer you a realistic valuation of the item(s) and sell the items on your behalf, this then can be used against the cost of us collecting or disposing of all the other items. Please note that we allow you to pick where the items go, should it be a local charity in Bournemouth, a school or resell, the choice is yours. We will only ask for our labour, fuel and disposal costs.

Serving Schools, Businesses and Councils

Wiping sensitive data on your computer hard drives

If you would like us to collect and dispose of your computers but you are concerned about the information stored on the hard drives then do not worry, we can offer you a secure data wipe using a series of binary wipes using 1’s and 0’s that basically make impossible to recover any data. This data deletion is similar to what the US army use for wiping data.

Alternatively you may request us to put hammers to the hard drives, this ultimately is the best method however we would prefer customers not to unnecessary use this method because after all its not very eco-friendly and Clear It Now hates to put any item to waste if it can be reused.

Pricing of collecting your computers or other electrical items

We do not advertise our prices online due to the fact that we charge based on time and cost of disposing your electrical items. You can obtain a free quotation by calling our team in Bournemouth on 01202 246012 and providing information such as what you need removing. Alternatively if you are seeking multiple quotes online from various clearance companies then please don’t hesitate to email our team using our online contact form.

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Please provide us with as much information as possible as this allows our team to provide you with an more accurate quotation or alternatively you may prefer to contact our team on 01202 246012.

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