Rubbish Clearance Services in Bournemouth

  • Small Loads
    We provide affordable rubbish collections for large amounts of sorted and unsorted piles of trash, we also welcome small loads.
  • Rubbish
    No matter how much you require removing our team will be able to help you get rid of that mess and get that space back!
  • fly tipping example
    Make sure you use a reputable clearance company; cowboys will do anything for an extra buck! We have never, nor will we ever fly tip.
  • Rubbish Removal
    We accept all types of household items and we will recycle as much as we possibly can, we even use local charities for reusing items.
  • Rubbish Clearance we did for a property in Bournemouth example
    Just an example of the mess our team gets to work with, no matter how dirty or big the job, our team can assist you getting that space back.
  • Bournemouth in its full beauty
    We love Bournemouth and our members of staff are proud to be helping individuals and businesses keep Dorset clean and green.

We provide low-cost yet professional rubbish clearances for individuals and businesses in the Bournemouth region, if you’re in need of some rubbish removal then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and skilled team. We have years of experience in providing customers in Bournemouth with various disposal services ranging from full house clearances to the removal of just a few bags of rubbish. No matter how little or how much waste you require moving our team will be able to assist you.

A Bournemouth Company

Our small business is based in the heart of Bournemouth in Dorset, we take great pride in providing customers with the very best customer care and low priced services.

We have many years of experience in the rubbish clearance Bournemouth based industry and rest assured when you opt to use our services you won’t be left disappointed. All our employees are dedicated, passionate and most importantly punctual, also its worth mentioning that all our members off staff are provided with standard health and safety training as well as full company branded uniforms, so when our employees turn up at your property you can easily identify them and thanks to the uniforms they won’t frighten your neighbours.

How much will it cost me for you to dispose of my rubbish?

The cost of a rubbish clearance varies on several factors, such as how much rubbish requires collecting and then disposing of, but generally we are far cheaper than hiring a skip or hiring a van for the day. As you can appreciate we do have over heads like wages, fuel and tipping fees to cover so a charge should be expected however in some cases if the items hold any value we might be able to use that value against the cost of the labour.

call today

Please call our team today on 01202 246012 or alternatively if you prefer you can use our online quotation contact form.

How fast can your team remove my rubbish?

Well, that would really depend on the amount of waste you will require our team to remove/collect and then dispose of, but generally a standard rubbish clearance will take around 2-3 hours. This is made possible because of our sheer experience and the fact that we work between 2-5 members of staff at any given time. In most cases inform customers on the telephone the expected time we aim to complete the removal process.

We provide
  • quick rubbish removal and disposal
  • cheap rubbish collections and disposal
  • eco-friendly recycling of household items
  • hassle-free no-obligations quotations
  • very flexible working hours and days
  • charity donations of clothing items
  • value of goods against labour prices
We promise that
  • our employees will arrive on the day requested
  • our employees will arrive on time as you expect
  • our quotations to be competitive, fair and realistic
  • our staff members are hardworking and polite
  • you will receive super customer care and service
  • we will dispose of all items responsibly and legally
  • we will work as quietly as we possible can

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Please provide us with as much information as possible as this allows our team to provide you with an more accurate quotation or alternatively you may prefer to contact our team on 01202 246012.

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